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World Class. 115x DSLR Single Shot Fullbody Scanning System.

Infinite-Realities is at the cutting edge of Digital Human Scanning

Dedicated 56x DSLR Single Shot Face Scanning System

Canon/Nikon Hybrid, 1.2 Gigapixel custom build 3D scanning array


Unprecedented levels of detail. Super high resolution textures.

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360° 3D


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Full-body Scanning

IR’s Capture facility features a 115x DSLR, High resolution 360° full body 3D Scanning system, using Photogrammetry and structured light.

Full-body Scanning

IR’s Capture facility features a 115x DSLR, High resolution 360° full body 3D Scanning system, using Photogrammetry and structured light.

Face Scanning

Featuring a 52x DSLR, High resolution 360° face capture system. Producing 7.5million polygon models. 10k texture.

Face Scanning

Featuring a 52x DSLR, High resolution 360° face capture system. Producing 7.5million polygon models. 10k texture.

FACS Scanning

IR can scan a full range of emotions. Up to 120 scans in under 1 hour. Suited for complex facial rigging for game content or VFX. Aligned, scaled and tracked.And a link here

FACS Scanning

IR can scan a full range of emotions. Up to 120 scans in under 1 hour. Ideally suited for complex facial rigging for game content or VFX.

Service Breakdown

  • 3D Scanning
  • Consultancy
  • Characters
Why we’re different

Infinite Realities® is the 3D scanning service provided by Lee Perry-Smith, the leading 3D modelling and Scanning specialist based in Suffolk, UK.

Infinite Realities® Director Lee Perry-Smith is an award-winning artist with a lifelong passion for capturing and imaging the human form. Completely self-taught, he began drawing at a young age, and received his first paid commission at 12. He has over fifteen years’ experience in computer graphics and has worked in-house for a number of leading Computer Games Developers and Visual Effects Studios, focusing on the creation of realistic human models. He founded Infinite Realities® in 2007.

In-house Processing

3D human modelling is technology-based. But technology isn’t the whole story. In fact, modelling people is more of an art than a science. It takes talent and skill, as well as the technical ability to operate cameras or computers. Machines capture the raw digital assets, but it takes intelligence and judgement to transform them into a 3D character that people will accept as ‘real’. Our expertise is rooted in decades of experience of creating human models in a highly refined, disciplined manner, for commercial projects and discriminating clients.

Artistic Background

IR understands the art and attention that goes into creating a truly realistic model that can be used in any situation, with any lighting. And we’re committed to bringing the highest possible standards to each and every model we create. That’s why we can outperform studios employing entire teams of technicians, as we are character artists, delivering realistic, usable models with unbeatable turnaround time.

Inception to Realization

A brief run down of Lee’s and Infinite-Realities® journey, from inception to realization over the last few decades.

+ 1989

Lee first uses a Commodore VIC20 and starts to learn basic programming. Gets to try Photoshop 1.0 for the first time at a well known News Corporation. Then moving onto Amiga 500’s, 1200’s and Home PC’s. Learnt 3D applications like Caligari and Vista, alongside Deluxe Paint, II,III and IV.

+ 1996

Lee’s first employed position at a Game Development studio, Pukka Games. Whilst Freelancing and working at other studios spanning well into the 00’s. Learns 3DStudio 4 to 3DSMax, in addition Lee starts to learn Lightwave 3.5 along with a personal copy of Photoshop 3.0.

+ 2004

The Inception of Infinite-Realities, a self funded company and a dream of full body scanning! Hardware too expensive/cumbersome and well out of reach to a young 23 year old artist. Experience with various real-time Game Engines, from Valves Source to custom in house tool sets.

+ 2007

Infinite-Realities® is formed and a Registered Trademark is filed.
IR-Entertainment Ltd is born a year later.

+ 2008-09

IR’s first round of funding and early adoption of the DI3D Stereo Photogrammetry Kit, along side Artec MH handheld scanner. Begins commissioned Face and Body Scanning.

IR begins testing custom built single shot Full Body Capture in Q4 2009, with DI, Scanner-Killer, then Agisoft Photoscan.

+ 2010-11

IR continues to grow, employing freelancers world wide, provided 3D Modelling, Scanning and Capture services for TFBC SL on their latest Cinematic Deadlight for Microsoft Studios.

IR provided the 3D Scanning and Capture services for Axis Animation on their latest Cinematic Dead Island for Deepsilver.

IR provided Consultancy services to RM LLC for a NIKE project in LA on a 60 Camera Rig.

Teamed up with talented Freelancer Alexander Tomchuk to further expand Character Creation and Rigging into Europe and Asia.

The client list grows steadily with the likes of Microsoft, Crytek, EA, Nike, P&G, Rockstar and many more.

+ 2012

IR perfects the 70x DSLR Full Body Capture Solution with 2nd round of funding.

IR provided 3D Modelling, Scanning and Capture services for DIGIC on their latest Cinematic. Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back Extended Cut Trailer for Bioware

+ Present Day, 2013

IR designs and builds 2x Photogrammetry Systems. Has the largest single collection of Nikon and Canon Cameras in the UK. Comprising of a 115x DSLR Full Body Scanner System and a 56x DSLR Face Scanner System.

IR provided 3D Modelling, Scanning and Consultancy services for an ever expanding list of clientele. From Sony, Valve, Crytek, Guerrilla Games to Activision and many more.

Fully independent, self motivated, self reliant and working hard to provide unique Full Body and Face Capture services Worldwide.

What We Do
3D Digital Art

In simple terms, we can scan any human being and replicate them in three dimensions as data held in a computer. Our scanning process picks up every detail of their eyes, face, hair, skin colour, body shape and distinguishing features – everything that makes them who they are.

Our Experience with..
  • Games Industry
  • Visual Effects
  • Medical
  • Apparel
  • Architecture
  • Education
  • Charity
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Artists
  • Fashion


Services IR offers..
  • 360° Gigapixel Full Body Scanning
  • 360° Gigapixel Face Scanning
  • Virtual Character Creation
  • Virtual Tailored Hair
  • Digital Hair Styles
  • Basic Character Rigging
  • Virtual Reality
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Interactive Experiences

IR's Single Shot 3D Scanning Technology

Atom by Atom

Full Body Capture

Ultra Resolution


The Core Technology

Infinite-Realities® uses a custom built 360 Degree Capture Rig comprising of 70x Canon DSLR’s at 18 Megapixel Resoloution. A unique build, only available in the UK. The 3D capture system is used to capture accurate, high resolution, full-colour 3D models of the human face and body, thanks to the software developed by Alexey Pasumansky the creator of the world-leading Agisoft Photoscan
This passive stereo photogrammetry technology allows extremely dense 3D models to be recovered from standard digital still camera images. It does not require any pattern projection (structured light) on to the scene, or any form of laser scanning. You don’t need any specific custom code or setup, just off the shelf hardware and software and you can be scanning in no time.

This kind of open source environment for creation is what drives Infinite-Realities®.

The process of capturing models is as quick and simple as taking an ordinary photo. One or more stereo pairs of images of the human subject are captured simultaneously using an array of pre-calibrated digital still cameras.

Recent Clients


A Collection of Quality and innovation

Zombie Boy Transformation
CYBERPUNK 2077 teaser
THE WITCHER 3: Wild Hunt
Mass Effect 3 Cinematic
Deadlight Cinematic
Dead Island Cinematic
R&D. Virtual Reality. SSS skin.
R&D. Nude. Virtual Humans
R&D. Virtual Humans
R&D. Humans in Motion.
R&D. 4D Face Tests
R&D. Virtual Reality.

Infinite-Realities® was the first company in the world to successfully 3D scan the fastest woman on the planet.

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