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Real-time hair. In VR. Part02

I had some great progress from the previous post regarding real-time hair. I’ve been working closely with a shader developer. Under some strict artistic guidance we’ve developed our own hair shading solution and import pipeline for Unity..

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Real-time hair. In VR. Part01

It’s been a while since I last posted. Whilst I have a break from consultancy projects I’ve been looking into real-time hair, specifically for VR. Hair is a complex issue but there does seem to be some interesting progress by Nvidia (HairWorks) and AMD (TressFX). At the moment most public real-time applications don’t have support for either of these tools but I wanted to get a flavour of what might be possible..

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Learning the ways of the force..

Introducing a brand new FREE tutorial from triplegangers.com The video features some mild nudity, purely designed for educational purposes and falls within YouTube’s Policy. Split into 2 parts totalling over 2 hours long. How to work with RAW scanned data from Agisoft Photoscan.

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Writing History

triplegangers.com is BACK!

To roll in the New Year, 2014 IR has re-launched triplegangers.com the first ever 3D store of it’s type to sell 360° photogrammetry scans.

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Multi-Sky 3D Scan Tools

This blog post is for all those awesome Rifter’s out there. A slight delay on releasing this demo(s) but commercial work takes the front seat (most days!) I’m interested to hear people’s feedback on this demo.

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It’s your Birthday!

Well maybe it’s not yours but it is mine!! So here’s a gift. I don’t like to do things by Half measures and I couldn’t think for the Life of me what to do on my Birthday. So….

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Scanning with IR

Another quick blog post to show off some scans IR did recently testing out some new scanning techniques, new lights, new reference cameras and noise projection experiments on face capture.

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Oculus Rift VR Demo Vr02 – 3D Heaven01

As promised another Oculus Rift VR demo has been released. This time featuring a nude scan. Testing out new background visuals and shader effects. This is purely a tech demo, showcasing what’s possible with Unity and 3D scanning technology. Nothing polished, just fun.

This demo features nude ‘tasteful’ adult content.

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