In the next issue of 3DWorld Infinite-Realities will be giving away a realistic triplegangersĀ® capture.

There will be a Subdivision Model based on Scanned/Captured data of a life model. The format will be for Lightwave 9.6 and will contain a realistic head with shaders, textures and morph targets all ready to render out of the box. It will have a complex Node multi-displacement setup with 4 Morph targets and an advanced Simple Skin shader setup.

Xerxes will contain:

4 Morphs: Roar, Eyesclosed, Smile and Base

22 High resolution Textures

Polygon Hair details, Eyebrows, Beard and Eyelashes

9000 polygon Head Subdivision Model with Eye and Teeth details.

A great pack to pick apart and learn from.


The model is available now at

For those of you who can’t wait, the model will be avaialble to purchase at over the weekend. Members will have automatic access.

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