On the weekend I ran some more 3D Capture tests using Scanner-Killer (off-line) to process data captured with a 2 tier 6 Camera set-up. 36MP’s of information available using Canon Cameras, synced using PocketWizard II’s and a Multimax on the Flash Heads (with Cross Polarizing Filters)

This new set-up has improved the capture results considerably. Still working with a friend of mine on the lighting but the final texture maps for each capture will be huge and very beneficial for using on character creation, globally illuminated, near shadow free and specular free.

Non-Rigid Registration test thanks to Hao Li – https://www.hao-li.com/

[flv width=”916″ height=”680″]https://www.ir-ltd.net/images/06right-top.flv[/flv]

  • Dean DavisReply

    Thanks for producing an excellent blog. Very enlightening.

    I'm having some difficulty getting great results from Scanner Killer. What was the 'new' setup that greatly improved your results?

    When you compared 36MP vs 12MP of information, do you mean 3 x 12MP cameras vs 1 x 12MP camera? We're all 6 cameras stacked vertically in your 36MP example?


    December 27, 2011
    • InfiniteReply

      I'm now primarily using Agisoft Photoscan but the way to improve resolution is to split your capture into parts. In this example 1 Pair for the top half and 1 Pair for the bottom half.

      Yes they were staked vertically, 18MP for top half and 18MP for the bottom half for an average coverage of about 36MP. I hope that helps.


      December 27, 2011
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