I’ve been running some 3D and 4D Kinect tests recently, and couldn’t find a way to active more than 1 Kinect via 1 PC. A really talented guy called Will Chang helped develop a program to do just that! and is kind enough to share the source code for it. If you use it, or share else where please include the Copyright files.

There is no support for this. But it should allow you to switch on More than 1 Kinect from 1 PC, to get access to the Infra Red laser pattern.

[button link=”https://www.ir-ltd.net/uploads/TestKinect-Exe.rar”] Download Now (76 KB) [/button] Multiple Kinect Exectuable

[button link=”https://www.ir-ltd.net/uploads/TestKinect-Source_1.0.rar”] Download Now (256 KB) [/button] Multiple Kinect Source Code

How to?

  1. Connect your Kinect to the PC (USB connection). When you do this, the driver installation fails as the following picture illustrates.kinect_install_01.png
  2. Go to OpenNI.org and download the SDK.
    • Download the OpenNI 1.0 binary and install it (file name is “OPENNI-Win32-” at the time of this writing)
    • Goto https://github.com/avin2/SensorKinect and download the entire tree. Unzip the file and execute “Bin/SensorKinect-Win32-5.0.0.exe” to install. After these steps, the driver installation progresses a little as follows. kinect_install_02.png
  3. If you’ve been able to make it this far, you will be able to execute the “NiSimpleRead” and “NiViewer” that OpenNI provides as sample programs.
    • In order to actually track body motion, you need to install “PrimeSense NITE” (file name is “NITE-Win32-” at the time of this writing).
    • When installing NITE, you need to use the license key that OpenNI provides: “0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=”
    • If the key is incorrect, you may get the following error message when running the sample programs: “Find user generator failed: Can’t create any node of the requested type!”
    • Lastly, run the “NIUserTracker” sample from OpenNI. You’ll be able to see that the Kinect now tracks your motion.
  4. (Note) You may have to install the Kinects by hand using the Hardware Wizard (device Manager)
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