This weekend I had the chance of visiting London to see Merrys’ new LED Array. It’s fantastic. A really novel, lightweight design with great lighting and a fantastic control rig.

The multi array LED Dome, is a Custom design and build by Merry Hodgkinson. First Prototype created for capturing Globally Illuminated Subjects, along with World Space Normal Map acquisition.

I designed a way to process the different lighting conditions acquired by multi directional lighting that doesn’t require any coding. You can simple input the data into Photoshop or Premier, or After Effects and even stream the data to convert from colour to World Space Normal Maps. Merry further designed a technique to take this data to displace geometry using the Normal Maps in Maxon’s Cinema 4D.

Due to low level noise and blurring that can occur during Passive or Active 3D Extraction, displacing the 3D Mesh extractions using World Space Normal Map information can add much finer details, like pores and wrinkles not possible with normal capture or without any kind of mesoscopic coding.

We used the very robust DI3D system from Dimension Imaging to capture.

Thanks to Merry for the demonstration and the hard work he put into to wiring it up. A fantastic novel design! and a perfect match for a Stereo Photogrammetry Capture system. The other benefit is the fact the texture information is uniformly lit from every angle when in GI mode. The results are ideally suited for texture application on Computer Game Characters or for Digital Double Replication. Perfect for next generation *Replicants* !!

The light dome is similar in concept to the work done at USC ICT Graphics Lab.

We believe this new, lightweight more robust system is the first of it’s kind in the UK and could eventually be offered as an affordable, practical service to the Computer Games and Visual Effects Industry in Europe.


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