Developed by the super talented and very experienced guys at XYZ RGB. Scanner Killer is a piece of processing software that allows anyone with access to a pair of DSLR cameras to leap into the field of Stereo Photogrammetry.

Scanner Killer

Recently I have been running some tests with Scanner Killer and I have to say it is a fantastic piece of software. In the following weeks I will be putting together a write up on how I went about using the software to process Stereo Pairs of images to help aid in the recreation of digitally captured assets.

For the time being I am offering some free sample data for anyone to examine and try out. The captured data is of the top half of a shop mannequin (boring subject matter I know!) but it shows off the capabilities of the software quite well. All though this is only my 2nd attempt at calibration and capture of a subject.

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FREE, 360 Degree Capture Slices 52 MB’s

So if you work at home or if your a hobbyist give it a try.

If you work in a studio, have a look at the data and have a word with your lead. Working with stereo pairs of cameras greatly improves your 2D reference capture sessions. Whether working on set or capturing humans for digital replacement. It gives you that all important 3rd Dimension to the reference plates.

  • DerekReply

    Hi i love your work i am really curious on your opinion of the use of equipment that should be used for instance what type of lenses do you recommend and camera do mega pixels matter for instance is a 5d to pricy? Also what is the best way or workflow to sync multiple cameras.

    November 14, 2011
    • InfiniteReply

      Hi Derek and thanks. I really recommend these 500mm Prime Lenses - terrible build quality but AMAZING picture quality. Super Sharp and hardly any Chromatic Aberrations. I have owned the crazy expensive lesnes in the past and they are truly rubbish in comparison to this prime. Cameras 550D or 5D MKII, you can use PocketWizard II's - and leads to Sync, they are very good. I hope that helps

      November 14, 2011
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